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Wednesday, 1 March '06

I didn't go to school today and my arm's burning! It feels wierd. I don't know how to stop it. I woke up a few times last night because it hurts a lot! I think the rash would grow very soon. I don't know whether they'll inject us one more time if the rash doesn't grow. Which would definitely hurt! I'm so afraid. James is having the same problem as I do, so at least other people have this problem too. I need help, can anyone tell me what will happen? Send me a e- mail or add me at Can anyone take my poll? Visit my website at!



Tuesday, 28 February '06

Yes, I got my jabs today! It was quite painful, but don't worry, it's over already. The jabs were painful, but left jab hurts! The nurse said I was pale and I was pale alright. I didn't know why. I was just pale but I didn't feel a thing, but of course, Dennis cried as usual. What a loser! Everything that happens, cry. He is such a timid boy. He likes to bully people and when people hit him, he'll cry! Let's not talk about him, talk about me, but I must talk about Joel. He's nuts! He slapped his hand against the jab! And it was bleeding, it was funny but it looked painful. So I didn't try this crazy trick. Most of my friends did that, they said it would stop it from being numb. They must be idiots, I think they've been watching too much MTV Whatever Things, I Bet You Will or Viva La Bam (Yes, very cruel shows which you can watch on MTV, every Saturday and Sunday!). I guess they like pain. I heard that there would be a rash which would grow on the wound? Is this true? It's wierd though. If you guys can explain to me what is going to happen, add me at!

And after that, I felt this pain inside my arm. That's how it felt. It was wierd, by the way, those who received my quiz through their e- mail, please take it!? Find out how well you know me, and I'll know how well you people know me. Only 6 people have taken my poll.


Monday, 27 February '06

Oh crap! Immunisation is just tommorow. Eek! I'm so scared of needles, but I know I'll have to face it when it comes. In the mean time, I shall dream. There was this really unlucky guy in the other class, the needle went into his bone! It must've been painful. I'm also afraid it gets into my bone, because I'm like really thin!? So worried, any advice?

It was lucky Mr. Nasrun didn't have his enrichment classes. Phew! We didn't really finish the project he asked us to do, it was last minute work, but at least Mark brought the USB Cable (Mark's always hard- working and punctual!).

I decided to do the water bending experiment, but we just took the whole thing off the website. Ha ha. He won't catch us, at least I hope. He's so particular about taking from the website, we might get caught! By the way, I decided to go to Anglo- Chinese School (Independent)! I think I should be able to get in. Plus, I don't want my friends to go Anglo- Chinese School (Barker) with me. They told me to come with them, so I decided to.


Sunday, 26 February '06

Sigh! Tuition again. This sucks! I don't think I can go to Mark's house because I got some chinese revision to do (Chinese again, it's the main source of problems). Why must we study chinese!? It's a very boring subject, worst then others. It's not a problem with our attitudes because we keep so quiet during chinese. Then teachers get all angry and shout at us. I just wish we don't need to learn chinese!

Anyway, I think there's something wrong with my friend, Yen. She's so angry at me! I don't care, if she gets angry, too bad. Keep your own problems to yourself, not pushing it to others. :(

Anyway, I made a poll already. Just visit, the flash is kind of irritating so I deleted it.


Friday, 24 February '06

Woo- Hoo! I think I'll score quite high for my mathematics test! James' answers were quite the same as mine, and James is the mathematics genius. That's true! Maybe not all correct, because I got the last question wrong which was worth 5 marks! Damn it!

I think that Mr. Nasrun is getting fiercer and fiercer, which is bad. He's so fierce now! It's quite scary. Anyway, I hope Mrs. Chew doesn't come on Monday because I haven't done her revision papers, and I haven't completed my chinese tuition teacher's homework! I hope she doesn't come! I think I can't really cope yet because I haven't been so stressed out for a while! This sucks!


Thursday, 23 February '06

Not very nice, today sucks! My enrichment teacher is so bad. He gave us 10 questions to complete! He's crazy. I wish there was a female teacher, because they tend to be kinder. Not like mine, he's so bad to us! :(


Wednesday, 22 February '06

Today is quite good, except for some crap which happened. First, I scored 29/ 30 for a Science topical test. My score was the highest in class, so that was a good thing, and my Chinese dictionary was approved, but the bad thing was that two hermit crabs in our class were killed, it was a cruel death, I mean torturing? (I don't know what to say, I know it's gross that's all.) because they were crushed with coconut shells, then drowned. One of was killed, it's arms were twisted off! It's shell was also cracked! It was too cruel. Oh my God... ...


Sunday, 19 February 2006

Wow! It's so fast, it's Sunday again. I'll be having tuition at 11. 00 PM. I hope she's not here! Her lessons get so boring but at least I'm going out today. My cousin, Grace is so scary! She kept saying she was nice but I think she's nice but quite fierce and scary, but that's only when she's angry.

Can anyone send me some songs? I lost around 219 songs! Please send me some songs! I can give you some in return! My e- mail is

Thanks! :D


Saturday, 18 February '06

I'm having a lot of homework nowadays. Mr. Nasrun is sick but still, the day before, he gave us piles of notes. Maybe it's because they want us to score well for P. S. L. E., so it's not so bad. At least we get to pass well and get to good schools, but if we go to prestigious schools, we'll have more work to do! I don't know what to decide on! Education is so confusing! It's even harder to understand what we should do, and what is better. It's so confusing! I don't know what to choose. :(


Wednesday, 15 February '06

This is very irritating. There's something wrong with my files. I can't open it properly. Anyway, I decided what stuff I wish to get at the end of this year. I wish for Motorola RAZR V3i, Samsung MP3, YP- F1X and 'I Not Stupid' DVD. I'm still wondering whether I should get a GuildWars CD and I don't think I can because this year is P. S. L. E.! So I don't think I'll get GuildWars CD but I think the graphics are very cool and storyline is also not bad. ;)

I'll have a POLL to see who prefers GuildWars / World Of Warcraft but I need to find out how to make it first, but don't worry, I'm very fast at doing this kind of stuff. :D


Sunday, 12 February '06

When I woke up, I found out my Windows Media Player lost around 219 songs. Can anyone send me songs to restore my lost files? E- mail at


Saturday, 11 February '06

Hello. Haven't written for a few weeks. Anyway, my teacher wants me to buy a hermit crab. It cost $25. 00! I don't know whether I should turn her down.


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