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Friday, 31 March '06

It's very stressful now, not much time left. Ok, I've got to rush to finish my homework!


Sunday, 26 March '06

James is acting wierd and strange, Mark says it's good because he doesn't make so much noise, I think it's bad, makes me bored. I think work in school is alright, shouldn't be a problem for James, maybe something else. Nothing else, it's boring here.


Wednesday, 22 March '06

Finally, I found time to blog! I'm really very busy. School sucks, full of crap. Especially somebody in my class, Wayne (He's a liar too, and definitely very stupid, I meant very, very stupid.)! I hate him, please hate him with me, our hate will bring him down!

(We interrupt this blogging process for a very important announcement about Wayne!)

Support 'Down With Wayne' foundation by visiting, the non- profit organisation set up by me to bring Wayne down! Please spread the news and change all your MSN Messenger nicks to 'Down With Wayne' and 'Someone's Goin' Down (Wayne)', Wayne shall fall!

Thank you, you may continue Shawn.

Yea, support the fund guys, thanks (Funds are for printing 'Anti- Wayne' stickies!)


Saturday, 18 March '06

Oh no! School's are gonna start again. James is saying his pretty depressed and you know what I told him? I said, "Go to the shrink, pal." and he didn't reply! Ha ha, but I'm depressed too (Get to the shrink, Shawn!)... ...

I was feel something is wrong today, I don't know what is it. It turned out quite alright though, I finished my homework, got nothing else! So I'll just blog till midnight I guess. Can anyone teach me how to put a clock in my blog?! Please, please, please? Thanks! I finally found out what Hillsongs is, it's a christian band (Um...), that's all.


Friday, 17 March '06

Today something extremely crazy happened! Kesley (Keane's brother, wierd!) pulled down his pants on webcam. He showed this to my mates, Mark and Marcus. Mark told us and James, with me were saying he was lying and all that but when I checked with Joshua who was at his house, it was true! He said it was meant to be a prank or something. Ok, what Mark said, really made me wanna laugh my a** off. He said, "Oh guys! I swear, I swear! It was a fat dick, so I thought it should've been Kesley and I don't think Keane's that kind of guy..." Then I was laughing on the floor, it's so funny! Then it was real. Then now I'm going, "What the f*ck, what the f*ck? It did happen!", this is bad. :(

Maybe it's just because Kesley likes to show off his dick to others. That's crazy! I'll never do that, maybe to my wife or girlfriend but not mates on MSN Messenger, that's nuts! I swear it is!


Thursday, 16 March '06

Yes, I haven't blog for two days, because I really had nothing to blog about. Today, I have quite a few things to blog about! James is finally back from his trip to China, which part? Sh**-knows-where he went. Anyway, Grace is very sad because her Sue Ann (Best friend!) is leaving! Too bad.

At least, James is back, he can help us set up a forum and I should remind Mark that we're not going to his house, and they're coming to a basketball court near my house instead.

Aww! Now I have nothing left to blog about.


Tuesday, 14 March '06

Today sucks! I had a fight with my brother. Anyway, I really have nothing else to talk about. I'm feeling so bored now, I've started my Science revision etc., and it's not really that hard and I also completed 64 mathematics questions.

I'm feeling quite sick too. Nothing else.


Monday, 13 March '06

Today is great! I found quite a pair of Converse shoes (Chuck Taylor, Black & High cut!)! Finally, a pair that fits me but I couldn't buy it (*Sob*) because I already have a pair of Vans shoes and Reebok basketball shoes (Darn! I shouldn't have bought so many!), so my parents said I would get it on my birthday! Ok, anyway, holidays are coming, so have a great time.

Nothing else to blog about.


Sunday, 12 March '06

Yahoo! No tuition today, finally! I've been waiting for this day! Anyway, I passed my chinese test (40/50, not bad!)! I thought I was gonna fail though, surprisingly, 2nd highest in class, Keane and I actually, I copied a few answer from him though (*Surprise*), and he copied my my comprehension answers (Even more *Surprises*!).

Has anyone visited my class' blog (Made by me, of course!)?, but the tagbox was deleted by Joel, what an idiot! Ha ha ha ha.

Ok, that's all.


Saturday, 11 March '06

Yay! Holidays are coming but it means that exams are nearer, which is bad, of course it's bad, exams are always bad. Right?

Anyway, I decided not to go to Anglo- Chinese School (Independent), because I guess I'll be stressed and either become a nerd or die (Ha ha! No o-offence, nerds!). So I'll never go to that school because of this reasons,

-More suicide rate, I scared I might kill myself.
-I might go crazy, due to the stress.

That's all for today. Write more tommorow, anyway, no tuition tommorow! :)


Friday, 10 March '06

Holidays are coming, but I don't feel as happy as I used to when there are holidays. Maybe it's because of my homework during the holidays, it's not that bad. I guess it's because I have to paint a vase of flowers which my teacher brought to class yesterday and I don't know how to use paint (Okay, I know a little but not much!).

At least, tonight I get to relax a little, I'm going to watch a show with James & Mark (Though James might go shopping instead.), which would be okay, quite fun. So, I really have nothing else to blog about.


Wednesday, 8 March '06

So much homework! All my teachers are always giving a lot of homework! I don't know whether I can complete, even still, I'm blogging! James told me it was gonna be easy, so I just switched on the computer and played, anyway, the holidays are coming, so I'll be a little bit more relax, I only started a little revision for my exams! I better get started soon! Quite boring though, studying is very boring, it is meant to be. I don't know where to start. I already revised my primary 3 work, so where should I start now? And I've been studying harder for mathematics because I'm quite lousy at ratio and percentage. I don't seem to get it when they complicate the questions, I still got a worksheet on percentage to complete. I hope there's no homework tommorow and teachers all never come! That'll be so lucky!


Tuesday, 7 March '06

Today was crazy, yes, today was crazy! We made a film on ourselves. We made 6 films using James' handphone. There's even a scene on Gerry wrestling Wayne to the ground and includes 5 other films about... ...
- 6 boy sitting on the table!
- Wayne being caught and pushed down to the ground(Interview also included!)
- Stacking over each other on the staircase!
- Jumping around in classrooms!

You can also watch some videos on Anglo- Chinese School (Secondary though!) at! It was made by Wayne's brother, not too bad!

But it was quite bad for Wayne though, he got angry and fight broke up and our discipline master watched James' video and scolded us. A lot of trouble though. Gerry has to go back during March for detention, Wayne also. I'm just NO RECESS for a week but anyway, holidays coming, so lucky! James is also in deep sh** now I think, he didn't log on MSN Messenger today. I hope Gerald's (Gerry's brother!) is okay, he looked quite depressed today, there was also a chinese test which everyone forgot to study for (It's always like that, then some fail, some pass, lucky ones only!). It's quite s-s-sad. Except Mark and me, Mark got his brother to use a transparent paper to copy his mum's signature! Should I be saying this? I hope teachers don't read this or we would be in more sh**!

Actually, I felt quite bad for Wayne but he used to disturb us and it was for fun only! Mrs. Chew doesn't know that she's actually too strict and we're always getting into trouble because she always wants our class to be the best, can be best but not too strict!

She's very fierce now and I hate it (Not only me, everybody doesn't like it, who doesn't?!), it's always like this and today a few of our classmates placed their feet on the table during recess, and you can guess she started scolding us again, it's always like this (Putting their feet on the table? I never seen that!), maybe she just made it up?

I feel so scared after writing all this, but she doesn't know my blog address does she? Unless somebody from our school reports this. Eek!


Monday, 6 March '06

Ok, maybe Joel isn't such a bad guy? It's quite sad, he ran away from home. My friends told me he stayed on the 7th floor of his condominium (And survived on some bread and money he sneaked from home!). He seemed quite messed up today and he and I were scolded by Mrs. Chew! She said our behaviour was juvenile (A young person who is a delinquent!) and now I must write an apology letter to her and my parents must sign ! She is very angry at the class.

Anyway, has anyone heard of the band, Dashboard Confessionals?! It's a band (Emo, of course.) who did the Spider- Man 2 theme (Vindicated, it was played when Spider- Man was saving Mary Jane but most people were too engrossed with the show, I think.), which is cool. Anyway, if you don't like My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday, then you shouldn't like this, it's more of acoustic or softcore rock which is definitely very emo, provided you know what emo is. A description of an emo is a genre of softcore punk music that integrates unenthusiastic melodramatic 17 year olds who don't smile, high pitched overwrought lyrics and inaudible guitar rifts with tight wool sweaters, tighter jeans, itchy scarfs (even in the summer), ripped chucks with favorite bands signature, black square rimmed glasses, and ebony greasy unwashed hair that is required to cover at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle.


Sunday, 5 March '06

Ugh! Sundays again. I'm so bored. If anyone wants to add me, my address is! Nothing much really, I'm feeling quite bored because of Mark being so quiet on MSN and James is obsessed about his phone (It's A Sony Ericsson K750i!). Which is making me so bored! *Sigh*

I don't really know what to blog about. So I'll blog less often. If I blog everyday, I'll fail for my exams but there's gonna be a chinese test this week?! I haven't really studied. I think I need to cheat (Maybe, 50% chance!), but I don't think so. Does anyone here like KoRn? It has a cool name, but it doesn't really rock. And I'm also changing my song for my blog. So get ready for better songs! :)


Friday, 3 March '06

Today sucks! Joel is an liar! He stole Wayne's phone I said I was lying to get my way out! What!? I'm NOT such a useless friend like Joel. He nearly got us into trouble with the police and I was not even involved. If you were caught, I bet you lie. At least, I've got better friends then Joel. If everyone was like Joel, I think the world would end in one day! If I had went to the police station, I'll never let him off! I'll hate him forever, I hate him right now, and I hate him. Why should anyone like him!? He's so selfish, acting like his your friend, when he uses you to steal people's handphones! He should be so embarrassed that he steals and uses his friends to frame.

Anyway, why should I get depressed over him? My brother's getting a *NEW* phone today (Or maybe not!), So I shouldn't get upset with everything today. I'm just very angry with Joel and I hate even more because I'm gonna get into trouble with my parents! But James bought a new Sony Ericsson K750i handphone and took a photo of Gerry but I can't get it on the blog. :'(

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