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Wednesday, 31 May '06

This week is a great week! It's coming to my birthday and I've just bought my Converse shoes! My converse shoes are high cut, like dark green colour. I had a really hard time tying the shoelaces! The shoelaces are very long! This week like really cool! I went to the library and today still got S'pore Idol! S'pore Idol's nice, it's showing now! So many cool things this week! I still can buy Every Man For Himself, Hoobastank's new album! Now I'm thinking whether to buy Every Man For Himself or My Chemical Romance's Life On The Murder Scene? So confusing, anyway, I wanna go watch S'pore Idol. :)


Wednesday, 24 May '06

Haiz, Wayne sucks. He's still a f**ker after so long... ...! :(

Don't talk about him already, he's so irritating! So I'll talk about Madam Wong, the crazy b*tch. Well, she's pretty crazy, today she took my table and smashed it against the cupboards! I think she's got some problem with us. She always says we're disrespectful of her! What the heck is wrong with us? When she gets angry she becomes violent! I don't like her at all! So I hate her! Wayne is just as f**ked up! I think Wayne has a serious anger- management problem. He attacked me today. Who cares? At least I'm still alive. Someone could seriously get hurt with Wayne!

Anyway, I found some Avenged Sevenfold pictures! Their names are all very cool! M. Shadows is the lead singer, Zacky Vengeance is bass guitarist, Synster Gates is guitarist, Johnny Christ is guitarist too! And of course, The Reverend (It's the coolest name!) is the drummer! They rock! I'll post Zacky Vengeance's photo! Look at his arm, it's so cool!


Tuesday, 23 May '06

Well, it's only a few more weeks until my birthday which is cool but I have to go to LAN Centre or movies with Rachel, Kimberly, Wayne (Ha ha!), Joshua and myself. I don't know which one to go. Anyway, Wayne lended me his Stadium Arcadium and he is in deep sh**! If he doesn't delete my photo by 1.00 P.M., I'll break his CDs, scratch 'em up and give it back to him or I could pour water in his bag, like i did to Mark (I have a valid reason! He threw my bag into the dustbin!)! I placed Mark's bag in the class sink and let the water run all over his bag! It was quite funny! Anyway, I've decided to finally download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory after 1 year! :)

Other than all this crap that is happening, Mr. Tan went to scold me, he's a guy who thinks he's got a very cool face or whatever, likes to catch people collar, so irritating! We were scolded for trying to wrestle Yu Zhan, we were like all grabbing him and taupok- ing him until he was on the floor but later he lifted all of Joel and I up than Mr. Tan came! Nothing else to blog about, wanna watch MTV Rate the Video! Buhbye!


Sunday, 21 May '06

Exams are finally over! I didn't have tuition this Sunday so I met James at the market when I went to the market but he is quite irritating! I keep telling him to send me Joshua's picture on MSN Messenger then he keeps like, "BLAH BLAH BLAH... ...". Which are all excuses! All because of that Joshua! He's so irritating, put my face on a hamster! He does this to all my classmates! What an idiot, wait till I get his picture!

Other than chatting, I've also been searching for heavy metal bands and thus, I seem to like heavy metal bands more and more! They're so cool! Some examples are Mudvayne, Slipknot, Soulfly and Mushroomhead etcs. Other than that, I'm starting to hate emo bands like Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday and The Used! I'm starting to agree with people who hate emo that emo is gay. Take Gerard Way for example, ugh!

Though I still like My Chemical Romance a little, I hate Hawthorne Heights now! Still Mudvayne is the best! I've got their 'Happy?' video, it's cool! I'm going to post a picture of Mudvayne's bass guitarist, Ryknow (Ryan Martinie), who paints his face silver and has this really cool orange mohawk. I need to go to my grandma's place now, bye!


Sunday, 14 May '06

Woah! This week rocks! ;)

Exams are gonna end soon, tommorow's my english paper and on Friday, I'll be going out with my friends to play something but also, Rachel is coming! Rachel is Joel's friend, she's OKAY. I still don't really like Counter- Strike, it's NOT really that fun. Oh yeah! MTV2: Playlistism is on MTV now! Did anyone else watch Good Charlotte on MTV2: Playlistism? Thanks to Joel from Good Charlotte I know how 'Personal Jesus' by Marilyn Manson is all about. Pretty scary though, Marilyn Manson is a goth, he is meant to be so freaky. :)

A lot of wierd things happened when I don't blog about it daily, so it's ALL-IN-ONE posting, this posting is about everything that happened last two week! What a messy week this was! I won't blog about it, too 'wordish'.


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