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Friday, 30 June '06

Ok, changed my mind, Joel's not an ass. No not an ass.

Anyway, today was quite a day. I was very anxious in class, we were suppose to meet Gerry's dad after school because Gerry just finished his operation. So I went to buy a bottle of Esprit but fuck that stupid bottle, there was a manufacturing problem and when I wanted to change the bottle, Gerry's dad came so I was damn irritated with a stupid bottle!! So Joel and his 'bright ideas' came up with this stupid, stupid plan to break the bottle (Esprits come in glass bottles!). It was lucky I threw the bottle away or else... ...

So we saw Gerry one-by-one. It was so irritating. The stupid nurse like telling us to go away like that so I went off quite fast leh! Hmmmm... James took the longest, yeah, he took the longest. So after that, going home was a problem. So James took Joel, me and Mark to the shuttle bus going to Bugis MRT Station... after that, we took the MRT home, most went to Redhill than Joel made a big fuss about going home...So we just ditched him at the bus stop! Ha ha! He wanted James to follow him back to his house, CRAZY! It was lucky that he didn't ask me to accompany him home! -.-"

Poor Gerry anyway, hope he gets well soon! =)


Thursday, 29 June '06

Joel is an ass. Yes, an ass, just like Joshua! Quite ok, school just started, everything's just quite ok just lots of work!


Wednesday, 14 June '06

Oh, today is boring... ...! I'm so tired, I might not want to go tomorrow. :(

I'm quite tired and still Joshua is going which makes things worst. I just hope he doesn't come for some reason.


Tuesday, 13 June '06

Tomorrow is James' birthday, of course, he didn't invite anyone. I went to play basketball with him today, so now I'm tired, suffering and my a** hurts like hell. Anyway, I've got to go out with 13 people to Great World City!!

I'm freaked out, I think something bad will happen. It's very risky, sure fight or something. Especially when out of this 13 people, 7 would have lost their f**king head by the time they came to Great World. So it's going to be like quite crazy by the time it's over. I think Mark, nevermind. I'll just see for myself. It would be fun.


Tuesday, 6 June '06

Yay! It's my birthday! I went out with my friends to Tiong Bahru Plaza. We did lots of things! I bought lots of things, Mark brought lots of money so he bought 10 credits for me to play... ;)

At first, it was quite boring, so we went to eat at Burger King. It was funny! Mark was eating very fast and scary. I was eating slowly, of course lah because of Mark. He made me like want to puke already. So I gave my 3/4 eaten burger to Mark. :D

Haiz, too bad Rachel couldn't come, she bought my present already! No one gave me a present on that day. So sad... even Mark forgot to bring his present. :(


Monday, 5 June '06

Wah! Today sucks! I'm so tired. Tommorow's my birthday, I'm going out. I don't even know who's coming! :'(

Really boring today.


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